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            The hydraulic system
            The hydraulic oil cylinder
            Hydraulic valve
            Hydraulic pump
            Auxiliary hydraulic parts
            Hydraulic components for machine tools

      The advanced equipment provides a strong backing for the production and processing of the products. The cooperative spirit of the dedicated team is the fundamental guarantee for the smooth running of the pipeline. The sophisticated production equipment is the manufacture of quality products.

      Enterprise policy: the talent is the concentric cooperation quality to guide the market service to start the world first. Seize the opportunity to transcend the purpose of self-enterprise: create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for society.
      Our company is specialized in producing all kinds of hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic sets and hydraulic systems.
      Wuxi puttli hydraulicThe company is specialized in producing all kinds of hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic sets and hydraulic systems. The company's equipment is perfect, the craft is well-equipped, the test method is complete, has the batch production capacity. It can produce hydraulic valves and hydraulic cylinders according to international standards (ISO) and national standard (GB), and can also undertake manufacturing non-standard, special hydraulic valves and hydraulic cylinders according to the requirements of users.more
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      Hydraulic valve
      Hydraulic valve Oil production research (YUKEN) series (Taiwan), three types of hydraulic valve, rexroth, low pressure in the series of hydraulic components, and is the domestic oil production research (Taiwan) with complete series superposition valve series varieties of manufacturers
      The hydraulic system
      The hydraulic system Hydraulic system in designing and manufacturing industries, which are widely used in metallurgical equipment, nc machine tools, forging equipment, stone equipment, shoot core machine, cable industry, packaging machinery, grinding machine, shoes machine, hydraulic power, chemical equipment, automobile wheel hub device, etc
      The hydraulic oil cylinder
      The hydraulic oil cylinder Design and manufacture all kinds of general and non-standard hydraulic cylinder: HSG, DG series hydraulic cylinder, CD/CG series heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder, YG series metallurgical equipment use hydraulic cylinder, etc.
      Hydraulic components for machine tools
      Hydraulic components for machine tools Design and manufacture various non - standard hydraulic components for the machine tool industry, especially the grinding machine industry
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      The contact:Mr. Li 15852597715
      Address: qianxian renmin road, xiake town, jiangyin city, jiangsu province
      Fixed: 0510-86397370
      Fax: 0510-86397372

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      Wuxi puttli hydraulic 8/5000 Mechanical complete set co. LTDSpecializing in the production ofThe hydraulic system Tel:0510-86397370(Switchboard) Fax:0510-86397372
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